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  • Facebook tests improved posting tool

    Facebook has started to test a new version of its Publisher, the tool that members can use to post notes, status updates, links, photos, videos and other content on their profile "wall" and share them with their friends.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 June 09 04:18
  • Iran's leaders fight Internet; Internet wins (so far)

    Iran's government in recent days has tried to cut off Internet access for most of its election protestors by shutting down routers at the nation's perimeters, ripping satellite dishes off roofs, cutting cables and turning off telephone switching networks.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau18 June 09 07:51
  • Facebook blocked in Iran ahead of elections

    Social networking site Facebook has been blocked in Iran since Saturday, according to the country's opposition, as opposition voters increasingly turn to online tools like social networking to promote their candidates.

    Written by John Ribeiro26 May 09 08:29
  • 'Chinese Wikipedia' offers social networking too

    A Chinese rival of Wikipedia that also lets users join groups and chat as they might on Facebook has drawn on those social elements to pull ahead of its competition.

    Written by Owen Fletcher25 May 09 08:10
  • Amex gets social with CRM

    American Express is turning to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter in an effort to better manage customer relations and boost customer service levels.

    Written by Kathryn Edwards and Tim Lohman12 May 09 15:52
  • Can Social Networking Be Secure at Work?

    As more workers spend a greater part of their days on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, hackers have turned their energies toward spreading their malware across those services, harming workstations and company networks.

    Written by C.G. Lynch06 May 09 08:55
  • MySpace CEO to step down

    Chris DeWolfe will hand over his CEO title at MySpace, whose growth has stagnated over the past year while the popularity of rival Facebook booms.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 April 09 05:47
  • Does Social Networking Require User Policy Changes?

    IT security administrators have had a fairly easy case to make against such social networking sites as Myspace in the past. Myspace in particular tends to be a place for the mostly personal, and some profiles are simply front companies for online mobsters and malware pushers.

    Written by Bill Brenner16 April 09 10:28
  • Google Apps missing enterprise social-networking revolution

    By now, many collaboration software providers consider it a must to have an enterprise social-networking component in their suites, but Google, which shook up this market with its Web-hosted Apps product in 2006, stands out for lacking this capability.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 March 09 08:38
  • Social networking in business: plan less for less pain

    Productivity loss, information leakage, and defamation of fellow employees are all enough to get us fired from our jobs, unless, of course, it is done under the guise of a social network for the enterprise 2.0.

    Written by Rodney Gedda24 Feb. 09 16:15
  • Survey: Twitterati Weigh In on the Future of Social Media

    Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook are like ghetto art communities on the verge of gentrification: Hipsters are loving the first-there, build-something-from-scratch feeling, and hungry capitalists are eyeing the goods and trying to figure out how to get in on the action and make a profit. But few companies have figured out how to capitalize on all that coveted word-of-mouth and networking.

    Written by Diann Daniel20 Feb. 09 07:00