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  • Is converged infrastructure the future of the datacentre?

    If the term 'converged infrastructure' (also called integrated systems or unified computing) sounds like a mix of grid, Cloud, utility, on-demand and shared computing services, you're right. However, this complexity doesn't seem to bother customers, especially small and midsize enterprises. But will this trend continue?

    Written by Allen Bernard19 March 13 14:07
  • Juniper exec gets into nitty-gritty of SDN plan

    Front-and-center in Juniper's SDN strategy is a new software business model that will emphasize variable packaging and licensing of software to implement the company's software-defined networking design. Bob Muglia, executive vice president of Juniper's Software Systems Division, shared some finer points of the company's plan with Network World Managing Editor Jim Duffy.

    Written by Jim Duffy15 Jan. 13 18:11
  • Cisco, VMware and OpenFlow fragment SDNs

    Juniper Networks Executive Vice President Bob Muglia spelled it out succinctly: the nascent software-defined networking market is morphing into three camps - OpenFlow/open source, Cisco and VMware.

    Written by Jim Duffy03 Dec. 12 13:14
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  • Channel partners poised to help enterprises build software-defined networks

    Enterprises replacing legacy network infrastructure are increasingly turning to software-defined networks, which can automate an entire network fabric. Having helped hosting companies and academic institutions, a variety of resellers, system integrators and consultancies are ready to bring SDN to the enterprise.

    Written by John Moore15 Jan. 13 14:19