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  • Save millions, don't renew Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

    Renewing contracts for bulk licensing of Microsoft products may be costing businesses millions of dollars for products and services they likely won't need before the contracts run out, says an expert who helps customers negotiate the agreements.

    Written by Tim Greene08 Jan. 14 12:20
  • Software licence optimisation critical to enterprise app store success

    Gartner recently predicted that 25% of organizations will have their own app store by 2017, and while app stores can improve flexibility and empower staff, once the floodgates open it can be incredibly difficult for enterprises to manage software licensing, control entitlement and track actual software usage.

    Written by Steve Schmidt, VP of corporate development, Flexera Software30 April 13 21:04
  • Cloud-based legal software the way forward: BSA

    Business Software Alliance (BSA) Australia is encouraging companies and individuals to invest in cloud-based software as a way to track compliance and save money.

    Written by Hamish Barwick24 April 13 16:13
  • Juniper finally talks SDNs

    Juniper Networks at long last has laid out its software-defined networking (SDN) strategy, which includes a revamped software licensing plan that the company says will change its business model and differentiate it from competitors.

    Written by Jim Duffy15 Jan. 13 18:11
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  • Software Licensing: New Options, New Headaches

    For decades, software buyers have been engaged in an "arranged marriage" type of relationship with software vendors: too much tradition, too little choice and a partnership of unequals from a deal's beginning. Typically, these deals had two key variables: the number of seat licenses (volume) a company purchased and the amount that the software publisher was willing to discount the purchase price, which was linked back to the volume.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum19 March 10 07:10
  • Office 2010: The pros and cons for businesses

    With Office 2010 set to launch in June, businesses of all sizes are considering if it is worth the money and hassle to upgrade, especially for small and midsize companies that never moved from Office 2003 to Office 2007.

    Written by Shane O'Neill15 Jan. 10 07:36

Whitepapers about software licensing

  • IDC MaturityScape: software license optimisation

    Managing the software licensing landscape within most companies is a complex task, which is made more complicated by the sheer number of contracts to be managed (hundreds, if not thousands) as well as the different types of licenses that must be administered. This IDC MaturityScape will enable organisations to refine or develop strategies for effective software license optimisation. Software license complexity will cost organizations an average of 25% of their software license budgets in 2015, industry trends such as virtualisation, cloud, and increased flexibility in software licensing have added to this challenge, IT buyers should understand the key triggers and be especially vigilant with license management.