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News about software support
  • Environmental services company slashes $750k a year in software support costs

    With budgets tightening for many CIOs, continuing to spend large amounts of money on software support and maintenance is not something to be taken lightly. The Australian CIO of environmental services company Veolia, Brett Stapleton, says he was reluctant to sink “millions” into an SAP upgrade and ongoing support for the platform.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett18 Nov. 14 14:55
Features about software support
  • Open-source software's hidden snags

    When CIO Daniel Chan was first prompted to use open-source software, cost savings weren't top of mind.

    Written by Mary Brandel11 May 10 03:54

Whitepapers about software support

  • Assessing the Business Case for Independent Software Support

    This report looks at companies seeking to do more with fewer resources by looking at their overall IT operations budget to identify under performing investments. They’re finding that moving to independent support frees up vendor tax dollars to invest in technology that drives growth and greater innovation, enabling them to deliver what the business needs now.