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  • China surges further ahead in solar power production

    China's state-run news site said that the nation has pressed further ahead of other countries in its deployment of solar electricity, adding an additional 20 billion watts (20GW) in the first half of this year alone

    Written by Lucas Mearian25 July 16 20:00
  • Battery-life boost from Sunshine Coast nanotechnology innovation

    ​Battery-life is increasingly the sticking point of technological progress. The solution could come from Sunshine Coast nanotechnology company Nano Nouvelle, which is developing a three-dimensional, nano-structured, porous electrode that it says will help overcome the limitations of today’s batteries.

    Written by George Nott18 July 16 11:00
  • Solar on all U.S. roofs would supply 39% of power

    A federal study of 128 U.S. cities revealed that if Americans installed solar panels on every roof, it would supply 1,432 terawatt-hours (trillion watts) of annual energy generation -- 39% of the total power used by the U.S.

    Written by Lucas Mearian09 April 16 06:01
  • U.S. utilities face up to $48B revenue loss from solar, efficiency

    Energy utilities face losing between $18 billion and $48 billion a year in the U.S and up to €61 billion a year in Europe by 2025 as solar power and energy conservation initiatives grow, <a href="http://www.accenture.com/microsite/digitally-enabled-grid/Documents/pdf/exec-summary-DEGII-8-pager-Dec-2014-Final.pdf">according to Accenture</a>.

    Written by Lucas Mearian10 Dec. 14 08:47