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  • Cleveland Indians turn to SIEM in malware, botnet battle

    For the Cleveland Indians' IT department, dealing with malware on behalf of hundreds of Windows-using employees at the baseball team's Progressive Field data center operations can be a little bit like a pitcher facing a stacked batting line-up: a constant battle.

    Written by Ellen Messmer27 Aug. 14 04:55
  • Antivirus products riddled with security flaws, researcher says

    It's generally accepted that antivirus programs provide a necessary protection layer, but organizations should audit such products before deploying them on their systems because many of them contain serious vulnerabilities, a researcher warned.

    Written by Lucian Constantin31 July 14 02:38
  • Sydney 'warbiking' exposes insecure wireless networks

    Almost one-third of 34,476 wireless networks in central Sydney had no security encryption or were using easily broken WEP security, according to a novel study by security vendor Sophos.

    Written by Byron Connolly02 July 14 11:39
  • Survey Spotlights IT Need to Address Cloud Security

    Yesterday data security company Sophos released the results of a survey it conducted on enterprise use of popular cloud-storage services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive.

    Written by Al Sacco29 May 14 10:59
  • Leading-Edge UTM: What C-Level Execs Need to Know

    Network and boundary security are more important than ever for organizations of all sizes. A variety of security specialist firms now offer leading-edge virtual and physical devices for Unified Threat Management (UTM) to raise the security bar ever higher and respond proactively to zero-day threats.

    Written by Earl Follis and Ed Tittel13 May 14 22:35
  • Gameover malware targets accounts on employment websites

    A new variant of the Gameover computer Trojan is targeting job seekers and recruiters by attempting to steal log-in credentials for Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com accounts.

    Written by Lucian Constantin26 March 14 15:05
  • Gameover malware tougher to kill with new rootkit component

    A new variant of the Gameover malware that steals online banking credentials comes with a kernel-level rootkit that makes it significantly harder to remove, according to security researchers from Sophos.

    Written by Lucian Constantin28 Feb. 14 17:33
  • Fortinet sues Sophos over alleged employee poaching

    Fortinet, one of the biggest computer security vendors, is suing rival Sophos alleging it poached senior staff in breach of an agreement signed when a Fortinet executive jumped ship to Sophos earlier this year.

    Written by Martyn Williams17 Dec. 13 23:03