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  • Lulzsec: the rise and fall of a hacking collective

    The curtain has fallen on the 50 day performance by hacker group LulzSec. Its campaign of mayhem and destruction, peppered with witty commentary captivated the world.
    In an alternate universe where Lulzcats reign and anti-security is the norm, it might have even earned a spot on its first target, The X-Factor. But on this earth its members may still be captured by its later targets: the CIA, US law enforcement and the FBI.

    Written by Liam Tung12 July 11 19:26
  • Firefox users targetted by fake antivirus scams

    Firefox users have targeted by new scam that tries to load a user's PC with fake antivirus software using a passably convincing version of the Windows Update page.

    Written by John E Dunn10 June 11 23:36
  • Sony BMG Greece hit by hacker

    For the fourth time in about a month, hackers have broken into a Sony network.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan24 May 11 05:57
  • Aussie users still duped by Facebook scams: Sophos

    A local security expert is dumbfounded by the ease in which a fake <i>Twilight: Breaking Dawn</i> game application has spread across Facebook, and has warned Australians to be less trusting when it came to approving applications on the social networking site.

    Written by Hamish Barwick13 April 11 11:15
  • Breaking dawn attack: How to avoid getting bit

    A new attack is spreading its way across Facebook, targeting fans of the epic vampire series Twilight. The clickjacking scam demonstrates just how easy it is to spread malware socially -- especially if the bait is a phenomenon like Twilight that has such a devoted fanbase.

    Written by Tony Bradley13 April 11 00:42
  • Data loss prevention urged as security focus

    Data loss prevention remains a priority security concern for Australian companies, despite reported slowed growth in the area, according to some security experts.

    Written by Hamish Barwick06 April 11 11:22
  • Top 5 online 2011 tax scams

    You may not want to think about your taxes until Tax Day on April 15, but online scammers are already plotting to separate you from your tax refund and your identity. Scams for the 2011 tax season include promises of tax credits for charitable donations to disaster relief in Japan, malware-laden Websites optimized for search engines, dangerous e-mail, and so-called 'likejacking' techniques found on the social network Facebook.

    Written by Ian Paul26 March 11 01:10
  • Twitter scam betrays users' lack of savvy

    Security firm Sophos is warning that a new scam is spreading virally on Twitter, and that a significant number of people have already fallen for it.

    Written by Keir Thomas19 March 11 09:38