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  • Facebook hit by new iPhone spam attack

    Facebook users are being warned about a new spam scam that tries to tempt users into visiting a website with the promise of a free Apple iPhone.

    Written by John E Dunn06 Oct. 10 03:17
  • Twitter mouse-over flaw spawns potentially dangerous links

    A security flaw has made Twitter's website a chaotic and potentially unsafe place, filled with annoying pop-up windows that activate just by rolling the mouse over another user's tweets.

    Written by Jared Newman22 Sept. 10 00:40
  • Spammers exploit second Facebook bug in a week

    Facebook today said it has fixed the bug that allowed a spamming worm to automatically post messages to users' walls earlier this week.

    Written by Gregg Keizer08 Sept. 10 06:16
  • Suspicious Facebook app attracts nearly 300,000 fans

    A suspicious application circulating on Facebook has attracted nearly 300,000 fans whose profiles could be used as launching pads for spam, according to a security analyst.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk07 July 10 05:19
  • Mass Web attack hits Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post

    Internet users have been hit by a widespread Web attack that has compromised thousands of Web sites, including Web pages belonging to the Wall Street Journal and the Jerusalem Post.

    Written by Robert McMillan10 June 10 08:37
  • Sophos founders in £198m buyout deal

    <a href="http://www.computerworlduk.com/management/security/sophos.cfm">Sophos</a>, the UK-based security and data protection firm has dropped plans for an IPO and has announced a deal to sell a majority interest in the company to private equity group Apax Partners.

    Written by Mike Simons04 May 10 20:08
  • Russian cybergangs make the Web a dangerous place

    Russian cybergangs have established a robust system for promoting Web sites that sell fake antivirus software, pharmaceuticals and counterfeit luxury products, according to a new report from security vendor Sophos.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk28 Sept. 09 08:46
  • Spammers seize on swine flu to pitch bogus meds

    Spammers have seized on the growing interest in news of a possible swine flu epidemic to hawk fake pharmaceuticals, security experts warned Monday.

    Written by Gregg Keizer28 April 09 07:51