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  • NASA Turns to Open Source Middleware for Human-to-Robot Communications

    Data management is inherently tricky, but when it involves robots in space-communicating via a low-bandwidth intermittent link#8212;it's trickier. NASA is leveraging Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems to help it solve that problem as part of its Human Exploration Telerobotics project.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud31 July 13 13:14
  • Calling all intelligent life forms...

    As a CIO you may at times have felt like an extra terrestrial life form come to Earth to convey the benefits of advanced technology to a group of inferior life forms (management).

    Written by Tim Lohman13 Aug. 09 11:37
  • Five great Australian moments in space

    In the week of the 40th Anniversary of the lunar landing CIO brings you five great Australian achievements in space, courtesy of Dr Miriam Baltuck, director of the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC).

    Written by Tim Lohman24 July 09 12:12