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News about SpringSource
  • JavaOne debate: Java EE vs. Spring

    The enterprise variant of Java faced off against the Spring Framework this week in a debate over which one developers should use for <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/t/java">Java</a> application development.

    Written by Paul Krill24 Sept. 10 09:41
  • Vmware finds 'killer app' in Salesforce.com add ons

    The VMforce cloud platform in development by VMware and Salesforce.com will be most useful for customers with existing Salesforce deployments, but can technically be used to build any Java application, a VMware official says.

    Written by Jon Brodkin04 Aug. 10 06:43
Features about SpringSource
  • With SpringSource buy, VMware constructs cloud platform

    The talk of CloudWorld this week was VMware's acquisition of SpringSource. The top-of-mind chatter focused on the price: US$400 million plus, a very large sum for a company doing perhaps US$25 million in revenues. Certainly there was a good bit of envy in this type of conversation. And, of course, the fact that SpringSource is an open source company further makes the number even more eye-watering.

    Written by Bernard Golden18 Aug. 09 03:48