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  • Enterprise security testing: What are you missing?

    For all the advances in enterprise networking over the years there's been one big step backward: security testing. Relatively few enterprises today conduct regular security tests in-house, relying instead on occasional tests by outside consultants or, more dangerously, just taking vendor claims at face value.

    Written by Aswath Mohan, director of marketing, Spirent Communications12 Dec. 12 15:13
  • SQL injection attacks led to massive data breaches

    This week's disclosure that the huge data thefts at Heartland Payment Systems and other retailers resulted from SQL injection attacks could finally push retailers into paying serious attention to Web application security vulnerabilities, just as the breach at TJX focused attention on wireless issues.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan19 Aug. 09 13:47
  • Hacker claims SQL bug on Symantec site

    A Romanian hacker who has spent the past few weeks exposing a common, but dangerous, Web programming error on security vendors Web sites says he's found a SQL injection flaw on Symantec's Web site. But Symantec says it's not a security issue.

    Written by Robert McMillan20 Feb. 09 08:33