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  • CIOs don't like dealing with personnel and skills issues

    Managing IT staff and their skills is a key part of a CIO's role, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy doing it. Gartner's latest survey reveals this is one of the top “hates” for CIOs in their job.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett07 Oct. 15 11:23
  • 9 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated and Productive During the Holidays

    Keeping morale and productivity high during the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and just after New Year's) can be tough. The pull (and stress) of family and holiday shopping can cause workers to be distracted, or lose interest. As can going to work while their coworkers take vacation days.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff03 Dec. 14 02:44
  • How to Build a Culture of Learning (and Why You Need to)

    Change in the IT industry happens at a breakneck pace, and organizations that aren't fostering a "culture of learning" will be left behind. To survive and even flourish, CIO and other business leaders must create a culture of learning, which means embracing new information and innovations and leveraging those into a pipeline of talent, thus creating a competitive advantage.

    Written by Sharon Florentine05 Nov. 14 02:02
  • Lack of Parental Leave Drives Employee Turnover

    most organizations quote cost as the major objection to offering paid parental leave, but it's a "straw man" argument according to studies that prove not having such programs and policies in place is the real budget buster. multiple studies have shown that companies that adopt parental leave policies and flexible work options for parents have higher employee engagement and retention; higher employee productivity and a lower rates of absenteeism. for companies looking to retain their talent, policies that allow for work-life balance are critical to the bottom line.

    Written by Sharon Florentine30 Oct. 14 07:11
  • Building the Next Generation of Female IT Professionals

    like most technology executives, jon bischke worries about attracting and retaining top talent and the ever-widening skills gap that's plagued the it industry for years. but bischke, ceo of entelo, a talent search, recruitment, hiring and staffing solution, is also troubled by the lack of women in the industry, and the ever-widening skills gap as women and minorities increasingly choose other professions.

    Written by Sharon Florentine21 Oct. 14 00:23
  • Are You Prepared for Gen Z Tech Workers?

    Millennials and their quirky work habits get all the attention these days, but the younger Gen Z is turning out to be even more of a mystery.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige02 Sept. 14 23:57
  • What Remote Workers Really Do During Conference Calls

    Remote and mobile workers mean companies will have to conduct more conference calls to keep them in the loop. But what, exactly, are remote workers doing during these dial-in meetings? The answers may surprise you, according to results from a new InterCall survey of more than 500 full-time, remote workers.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige26 Aug. 14 06:19
  • How to manage millennials: Let them do whatever they want

    In about 10 years, 75 per cent of the workforce will be made of millennials. Fortunately, managing them is easy. Just give them space, freedom to make decisions and a creative workplace. Oh, and be sure to ask them how their day was.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige16 May 14 12:03
  • CIO Insights: IT offshoring/outsourcing – how much is too much?

    We talk to three leading Australian technologists on how much is too much when it comes to IT offshoring or outsourcing, and when to put your foot down and keep the IT functions in-house that will allow you to do your job well.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Sept. 13 09:00
  • COBOL-based system for $160 billion pension fund is a political football

    A COBOL (common business oriented language)-based system used to support New York's US$160 billion state pension fund has become the subject of controversy, with some officials claiming it poses a potential security risk and others defending it as "battle-tested," albeit set to be replaced.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus27 Aug. 13 20:01
  • U.S. workers found to outperform offshore staff

    U.S.-based workers show more initiative, are more innovative and more understanding of the business than offshore workers, a new study that looks on sourcing services in the U.S has found.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau01 Aug. 13 13:20