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News about Storage servers
  • U2 tours with all-flash array to rock latest video effects

    Irish rockers, U2, are continuing to innovate in their use of video on the current Innocence + Experience tour, and behind the scenes is some extremely high-performance, all-flash technology.

    Written by Elizabeth Heichler18 July 15 02:03
  • VMware launches virtual SAN software

    VMware has introduced software designed to make it much easier for its customers to store large numbers of virtual machines (VMs) created with the company's software.

    Written by Joab Jackson12 March 14 20:51
  • Facebook puts 10,000 Blu-ray discs in low-power storage system

    If you thought Netflix and iTunes would make optical discs a thing of the past, think again. Facebook has built a storage system from 10,000 Blu-ray discs that holds a petabyte of data and is highly energy-efficient, the company said Tuesday.

    Written by James Niccolai29 Jan. 14 01:13
  • Red Hat continues to burnish Storage Server

    Nearly two years after the purchase of Gluster, Red Hat continues to polish the scale-out storage software for enterprises, making it more compatible with cloud services and Microsoft enterprise software.

    Written by Joab Jackson10 Sept. 13 14:34
Features about Storage servers
  • How Intel plans to destroy the legacy datacentre

    These days, and with the help of Cisco and EMC, Intel is dipping its toes into the networking and storage ends of the enterprise technology pool. Add this to Intel's server expertise and the data center of the future may be at hand.

    Written by Rob Enderle26 July 13 15:53