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  • Will 'hella' follow mega, giga and tera?

    One day in the distant future, when our descendents complain about their sluggish "yottabit" Internet connections, they may -- thanks to the efforts of a University of California Davis student -- state their desired network performance in hellabits.

    Written by Joab Jackson06 May 10 08:21
  • Sony to end floppy disk production

    The floppy disk, already abandoned by most computer users, has been pushed closer to extinction by a Sony decision to end manufacturing of the storage media this early next year.

    Written by Martyn Williams27 April 10 05:43
  • The skinny on solid state drives

    Solid state drives are appearing in all types of gear these days. We tested seven SSD-based products – three PCIe boards, two SAN systems, a server blade system and a standalone SSD.

    Written by Logan Harbaugh21 April 10 08:24
  • Why aren't SSDs getting cheaper?

    Solid-state drives (SSD) have been among the hottest hardware products for more than two years, with a good deal of uptake within the consumer PC, notebook and netbook markets in response to a precipitous drop in pricing in 2007 and 2008.

    Written by Lucas Mearian20 April 10 05:23
  • Storage pros envision pools of capacity

    The data center of the future will be a set of commodities, speakers and attendees of Storage Networking World said at the conference on Tuesday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson15 April 10 05:21
  • Microsoft doubles Zune HD storage to 64GB

    Microsoft on Friday started offering a new model of the Zune HD portable media player with built-in storage of 64GB, double that of previous models.

    Written by Agam Shah10 April 10 07:26
  • Xbox 360 System Update Adds USB Storage, Gotchas

    Microsoft may be late adding USB storage support to the Xbox 360--Sony's PlayStation 3 supported it off the block--but it's finally live, for all you aspiring archivists. All you need to do is log into Xbox LIVE, pull down the latest update, and presto, you can dump data from your 360 to any external drive or memory key.

    Written by Matt Peckham07 April 10 04:01
  • Appistry launches 'big data' computational storage system

    It's never been easy to access - much less analyse - the vast amount of data available to, for example, determine changes in customer behavior or sentiment, optimize routing of telephone switches based on call patterns, or analyze financial portfolio pricing or risk. Traditional business intelligence systems rely on highly structured (and usually transactional) data stored in massive data cubes and data warehouses, which requires significant upfront work to decide what is being analyzed and to ensure all the data is consistent with that goal - that is, you know what you are looking for. But that approach isn't useful for exploring trends or patterns, especially in external data that wasn't formatted for your needs.

    Written by Galen Gruman16 March 10 07:16
  • Microsoft envisions ultra-modular data centers

    In the years to come, Microsoft's data centers may not be huge buildings tightly packed with server racks, but rather rows of small, stand-alone IT units spread across acres and acres of cool, cheap land.

    Written by Joab Jackson04 March 10 12:28
  • IT disaster recovery goldmine

    The global market for business IT continuity and disaster data recovery solutions will grow from $24.3 billion in 2009 to exceed $39 billion in 2015, according to ABI Research.

    Written by Lexton Snol11 March 10 02:42
  • EMC: Flash could spell doom for Fibre Channel

    EMC executives believe that Fibre Channel storage could be a thing of the past in just a few years as enterprises increase adoption of flash memory for I/O-intensive applications, while storing less-frequently used data on inexpensive SATA drives.

    Written by Jon Brodkin04 March 10 03:56
  • Corsair releases its fastest USB flash drives yet

    Corsair has announced a new family of USB flash drives that the company said approach the maximum performance available from the USB 2.0 interface, which offers 480Mbit/sec throughput.

    Written by Lucas Mearian03 March 10 10:08
  • Cloud servers help hospital with digital records

    Most CIOs have had to deal with rogue business units - parts of the organization that, for one reason or another, can stave off any attempt to modernize, standardize or stabilize its idiosyncratic IT systems, but still need solid data connections to the parent company.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty24 Feb. 10 06:26