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  • The week in storage

    Last week in storage garnered several announcements from SteelEye, 3PAR, Brocade and Thales.

    Written by Deni Connor05 Nov. 09 00:43
  • Sidekick fiasco highlights need for mobile backups

    The loss of personal data that Sidekick users in the U.S. have suffered is a shame, but it also shows how important data stored on mobile phones has become.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs13 Oct. 09 02:49
  • Flash reality sinks in at Diskcon

    Solid-state storage earned a hot technology's badge of honor -- a backlash -- on Wednesday at the Diskcon conference in Santa Clara, California.

    Written by Stephen Lawson25 Sept. 09 07:49
  • CommVault CEO eyes cloud storage future

    Building a storage software company a decade ago was a high-risk venture, but according to CommVault CEO Robert Hammer, the company knew it would succeed if it stuck to its original vision – which now includes data management in the cloud.

    Written by Rodney Gedda24 Aug. 09 11:42
  • Open source Xen a 1-Stop for transport IT company

    Sydney-based transport industry data interchange and portal provider 1-Stop Connections has migrated most of its core infrastructure to virtual servers and iSCSI SANs to reduce its infrastructure requirements and management complexity.

    Written by Rodney Gedda06 Aug. 09 14:24
  • Virtualization, cloud computing pose new challenges, opportunities

    Three years ago, Carnegie Mellon University opened the Data Center Observatory – an answer to the ever-rising operational costs in IT. Administrative expenses were spiraling out of control because individual research groups within the university were running their own IT infrastructure, characterized by short periods of heavy use followed by many hours sitting idle and wasting energy.

    Written by Jon Brodkin30 June 09 08:44