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  • Apache Spark jumps on the R bandwagon

    Apache Spark, <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/article/2852235/hadoop/review-spark-lights-a-fire-under-big-data-processing.html?nsdr=true">the big data processing technology for iterative workloads</a> that is growing in popularity, is about to add capabilities for DataFrames and the R language as part of two upcoming upgrades.

    Written by Paul Krill23 Feb. 15 22:08
  • Booz Allen Takes Data Science Training Online

    When it comes to big data projects, the biggest challenge most organizations face, regardless of size, is staffing, says Peter Guerra, a principal in Booz Allen Hamilton's Strategic Innovation Group.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud21 Oct. 14 04:45
  • China's 3D printing market to quadruple

    While still a nascent market in China, the production and sale of 3D printers are expected to quadruple over the next four years, according to a new report.

    Written by Lucas Mearian01 Oct. 14 04:00
  • Box Helps Creative Pros 'Work Smarter, Not Harder'

    Box is starting to gain traction in one of the world's largest industries, winning more customers in advertising, digital marketing and communications. While the company is making its presence known at major events like last month's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the value proposition Box makes to companies in the advertising and marketing field are much like any other.

    Written by Matt Kapko10 July 14 04:47
  • Personal 3D printer sales to reach $1.2bn by 2018

    A new report shows that 3D printers and the materials that go along with them will explode over the next five years due to a growing comport with the technology fed mainly by inclusion of the tech in academic settings.

    Written by Lucas Mearian21 June 14 04:33
  • 3D printing, now in living colour!

    Stratasys today announced the first 3D printer that can not only print using a number of materials -- hard, soft, flexible -- but also with a wide range of colors.

    Written by Lucas Mearian27 Jan. 14 17:48
  • Video: 3D-printed gun fires first shot

    Fulfilling his promise to unveil the world’s first operational 3D-printed firearm, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson invited Forbes reporter Andy Greenberg to watch the weapon’s first shot at an undisclosed private shooting range outside of Austin, Texas, this weekend.

    Written by Colin Neagle06 May 13 21:30
  • Microsoft Brings Big Data to Windows

    Microsoft, with the help of partner Hortonworks, brings Hadoop to Windows and stakes its claim as a vendor of big data technologies with new cloud-based and on-premises offerings.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud24 Oct. 12 15:46
  • Big opportunities brewing in marketplace for Big Data

    The data marketplace, where users can hunt for specialized data, is becoming a lucrative market with growing opportunities, technologists stressed at a Silicon Valley technical conference Wednesday.

    Written by Paul Krill04 Feb. 11 03:12
  • HP acquires automation vendor Stratavia

    HP has acquired Stratavia, which makes <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/100307-stratavia-data-center-automation.html">database and application automation software</a>, for an undisclosed amount, the companies announced today.

    Written by Ann Bednarz27 Aug. 10 01:33