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  • Big day out for CIOs

    Today's CIOs are busier than ever, but business strategist Donna Sturgess says a day off from the office for an "immersion" will refresh their view of the organisation, and generate new ideas for innovation.

    Written by Divina Paredes11 Jan. 11 04:39
  • How to get strategic about SaaS: 5 key considerations

    Over the first half of 2010, Forrester's IT clients asked more than 350 questions about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Buyers are no longer just asking "What is SaaS?" "Who offers SaaS?" and "Is SaaS secure?" Rather, we're hearing more sophisticated questions about how to incorporate SaaS into the overall application footprint, best practices for implementing SaaS, how to build governance and due diligence around purchases, and where to invest in organization skill sets as firms make greater use of the service.

    Written by Liz Herbert24 Nov. 10 02:14
  • Use CRM to crowd-source your product strategy

    Product strategy needs to be a mix of engineering/operations plan and market survey, but most market survey techniques are quite vulnerable to big procedural and statistical problems.

    Written by David Taber09 Nov. 10 04:38
  • Three opportunities for CIOs to prove their business smarts

    When CIOs join a new organisation, or their current company changes direction, they have an opportunity to establish themselves as strategic leaders. It doesn't matter if their companies aren't large or if they work in industries that adopt new technologies slowly.

    Written by Diane Frank04 Nov. 10 03:22
  • Q Ltd to focus on organic growth in FY11

    Digital marketing company Q Limited (ASX:QXQ) will focus on organic growth in FY11, through concentrating on larger, key clients

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling03 Sept. 10 17:21
  • The CFO's rent-versus-buy conundrum

    Sooner or later, many businesses have to consider whether it is better off owning or leasing office space.

    Written by Morris Kaplan07 June 10 15:33
  • The strategic role of the CFO

    The CFO in mid-size companies could well be called upon to play a more strategic role.

    Written by Morris Kaplan13 March 10 09:02