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  • Mobile distracted shoppers buy more, study suggests

    ‚ÄčA small study suggests people who use their mobiles while shopping are more likely to make unplanned purchases and forget items they had planned to buy.

    Written by George Nott07 May 19 10:38
  • Aussie businesses want an open IoT ecosystem

    IoT decision makers are putting a high priority on open standards for data and connectivity and on open source software standards.

    Written by Hafizah Osman24 March 17 13:00
  • Government e-invoicing review gets tick of approval

    An Australian e-invoicing project predicted to transform the national economy with an estimated $7-$10 billion annually is set to undergo a detailed Cost and Benefits Study on widespread government adoption.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 May 16 13:11
  • Nearly half telework under informal policy: study

    Teleworking is increasing even while many businesses in Australia and New Zealand lack written agreements or training for remote working, according to a report released today by Cisco.

    Written by Adam Bender30 Oct. 13 14:10

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  • 2015 Cost of data breach study: impact of business continuity management

    This global study involving 350 companies in 16 industry sectors looks at the impact of data breaches and trends. The results from this annual research give insight and a better understanding of the factors that can minimise the financial consequences of a data breach, as well as the positive impact a business continuity management (BCM) program can have on the financial and reputational consequences of breaches.

  • Less waiting, more learning