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News about Stuxnet
  • Stuxnet the movie: The U.S. has pwned Iran

    The new documentary about Stuxnet, ‘Zero Days’, says the U.S. had a far larger cyber operation against Iran called Nitro Zeus that has compromised the country’s infrastructure and could be used as a weapon in any future war.

    Written by Tim Greene09 July 16 07:59
  • Global cyber war treaties urgently needed: Bruce Schneier

    Rules of engagement between different countries should be established before a major Web-based attack takes place according to BT Group’s US chief security technology officer, Bruce Schneier.

    Written by Hamish Barwick08 Nov. 11 16:59
  • Duqu, Son of Stuxnet, has arrived

    The team behind Stuxnet, the complex malware used to attack Iran's nuclear program earlier this year, has produced another worm, dubbed "Duqu" by McAfee Labs.

    Written by Stilgherrian19 Oct. 11 07:28