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  • Live Events App Ready to Tackle the Super Bowl wanted to attract millions of fans of sports and other live events to play sponsored trivia games for cash and prizes. But each game was like a DDoS attack on its data centers. As a solution, the company turned to a distributed database management system called NuoDB.

    Written by Stephanie Overby31 Jan. 14 21:19
  • Super Bowl Bust: US takes down 313 websites, snags $13.6M in counterfeit NFL merchandise

    In what is becoming as much a tradition as the Super Bowl itself, federal law enforcement officials, in conjunction with the NFL, said today they snatched up $13.6 million in fake merchandise shuttered 313 websites as part of a third-annual sting against NFL-related counterfeit items dubbed Operation Red Zone.

    Written by Brandon Butler31 Jan. 13 19:21