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  • China flexes supercomputing muscle in Top 500 rankings

    China flexed its computing muscle with a supercomputer called Nebulae, rocketing to second place on the biannual Top500 list, which ranks the most powerful computers in the world.

    Written by Agam Shah31 May 10 18:05
  • The supercomputer on your desktop

    High-performance computing (HPC) has almost always required a supercomputer - one of those room-size monoliths you find at government research labs and universities.

    Written by John Brandon17 Feb. 10 06:59
  • Sandia tests supercomputer virtualization

    The U.S. Energy Department's Sandia National Laboratories is investigating the possibility of using virtualization to allow its researchers to make better use of its behemoth Red Storm supercomputer. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico are also participating in the project.

    Written by Joab Jackson27 Jan. 10 05:01
  • Two rival supercomputers duke it out for top spot

    A Cray supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has regained the title of the world's most powerful supercomputer, overtaking the installation that was ranked at the top in June, while China entered the Top 10 with a hybrid Intel-AMD system.

    Written by Stephen Lawson16 Nov. 09 15:08
  • Microsoft acquisition adds to parallel computing focus

    Microsoft has purchased assets in a company that specializes in parallel computing, a function used mainly in supercomputing that Microsoft aims to develop for a broader audience, the company said Tuesday.

    Written by Owen Fletcher23 Sept. 09 17:47