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  • New app warns Syrians of air strikes

    A Russian military aircraft thunders into the sky at 4.47 pm from Russia's air base at Hmeimim in western Syria, veering to the east.

    Written by Reuters16 Sept. 18 09:46
  • ​Poach cyber experts from Trump’s banned countries: InfoTrust CEO

    InfoTrust CEO Dane Meah has called on the Australian government to take advantage of US president Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policy and help local organisations poach cyber security experts from banned countries.

    Written by Byron Connolly20 Feb. 17 14:22
  • Report: Iran, Syria using Blue Coat gear to squelch dissent

    A report issued today by the Canadian group Citizen Lab says that network security hardware made by well-known manufacturer Blue Coat Systems is being used for political censorship by the repressive governments of Iran, Syria and Sudan.

    Written by Jon Gold09 July 13 23:17