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  • Amazon acquires voice recognition firm, fueling Siri speculation

    Amazon appears to have quietly acquired Yap Inc., a speech recognition start-up company, fueling speculation that the online giant is getting ready to produce a voice command service such as Apple's Siri or Google's Voice Actions for Android.

    Written by Ian Paul11 Nov. 11 03:35
  • IBM simulates 4.5% of the human brain; Skynet is next

    It's pretty well known at this point that computers are quickly catching up with humanity as far as brain power is concerned. Storage-wise, we've been long surpassed by machines, and powerfully fast computers can run circles around the human brain in solving complex equations. On the other hand, humanity wins in the brain's sheer computational power and energy efficiency.

    Written by Jason Kennedy27 Oct. 11 11:57
  • Artificial skin can feel touch; robots prepare to out-human humans

    Researchers have found plenty of uses for carbon nanotubes, but a team at Stanford's of the Bao Research Group found a new use for them: artificial skin. The researchers created a stretchable, transparent skin-like sensor that not only is elastic like skin, but can also sense touch and pressure like the real thing.

    Written by Kevin Lee26 Oct. 11 05:35
  • Scientists read minds (sort of), create brain scan video

    If you ever wanted to see what your brain sees when you're watching Nyan Cat or a YouTube video, this is it. University of California, Berkeley researchers have recreated videos by scanning a person's brain.

    Written by Kevin Lee25 Sept. 11 11:02