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  • Innovation will go offshore with R&D tax incentive cuts: AIIA

    The Australian Information Industry Association claims the government's proposed research and development tax incentive cuts scheme will encourage tech companies to move their R&D activities to countries with more attractive measures in place.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett26 June 15 15:53
  • What really makes something innovative?

    Innovation is usually considered to be the revolutionary, disruptive ideas or inventions that rapidly sweep over the world, making a huge impact. But sometimes it’s those quiet achievers who can make just as big an impact without having to be ostentatious about it.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett25 March 15 12:40
  • CIO Insights: How to approach innovation

    CIOs face a multitude of challenges in their daily roles. In the first installment of our new CIO Insights series, we talk to three leading Australian technologists about their approaches to encouraging innovation in their organisations and engaging other c-level executives in the process.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett05 July 13 11:18
  • CIOs see potential for innovation, but lack delivery: survey

    There are only a few CIOs who are delivering on their innovation initiatives in their organisations, with the majority struggling to find the time and resources to make it happen, according to Harvey Nash’s 2013 global CIO survey.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett22 May 13 09:00