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  • Has cloud computing been a failed revolution?

    Talk to IT personnel, or study what they look up on Google, and you may think they're done with cloud computing. Talk to analysts or more importantly, end users, and you'll hear a different story.

    Written by Bernard Golden05 June 14 12:15
  • VMware unwraps hybrid Cloud desktop virtualisation

    With the new VMware Horizon DaaS offering, IT organisations can deploy enterprise-class virtual desktops to a public Cloud, private Cloud or seamlessly mix the two with a hybrid Cloud deployment.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud10 March 14 13:28
  • 23 signs your cloud project may be in trouble

    On many an old map, unknown territories were marked, 'Here be dragons!' Sure, it's actionable, but it's not very informative. Centuries later, do we have the same problem with software project management? Here's how to slay the dragons that threaten to set your cloud projects aflame.

    Written by David Taber06 Feb. 14 09:48
  • Rackspace Aims for a More Flexible Public Cloud

    Rackspace Hosting says it has rearchitected its public cloud with a workload-oriented framework designed to deliver optimal performance and price based on the workload. It now comes in two flavors and the company says more are on the way.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud05 Nov. 13 15:47
  • How CIOs Can Become Business Heroes

    Columnist Michael Hugos offers clear directions for how CIOs can open the exit door from the techie trap.

    Written by Michael Hugos30 Oct. 13 23:02
  • Self-Service IT Catches On

    Cloud-based software for the IT help desk turns out to be useful in departments outside of IT, too.

    Written by Stephanie Overby30 Oct. 13 00:05
  • Verizon Recreates the Public Cloud for the Enterprise IT

    For the past two years, Verizon has been quietly re-architecting its public cloud from the ground up to build a new enterprise-focused offering that allows organizations to dial in precisely the level of compute, network and storage they need for individual uses.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud03 Oct. 13 19:04
  • U.S. Cloud Firms Suffer From NSA PRISM Program

    Revelations of the NSA's massive electronic surveillance program give fuel to foreign firms and governments that warn of privacy risks of doing business with U.S. cloud service providers.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin25 July 13 13:09
  • Could Privacy Protection Bills Hinder Law Enforcement?

    The Electronic Communications Privacy Act reform bill advances to the Senate floor to better protect email privacy. Meanwhile a House subcommittee considers privacy protections for location data, data which some in law enforcement say is necessary to solve crimes.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin25 April 13 22:04
  • 5 Things IT Pros Need to Know About SaaS Governance

    Software as a service is here to stay. So CIOs need the tools to manage their sprawling portfolios of SaaS applications with the same rigor they use for on-premise software.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus26 Feb. 13 16:14