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  • AmEx helps customers cash in on foursquare

    Corporate marketers are keen to tap into the power of location-based social services-applications that use a mobile device's GPS to locate nearby friends and businesses. But figuring out how to use them to drive consumer behavior and top-line growth has proven challenging.

    Written by Stephanie Overby01 Dec. 11 04:34
  • How sourcing pros can improve social technology plans

    It's no surprise that enterprise use of social technologies continues to grow rapidly. In fact, Recent Forrester data confirms what many business professionals already suspect: 32 per cent of organization are now supporting social networking sites, and 28 per cent of enterprise IT decision-makers use collaboration platforms for Web 2.0 functionality. But even as social in the enterprise grows, far too many sourcing professionals seem content to sit on the sidelines-letting individual social technology adoption grow organically within the company, showing minimal regard for long-term sourcing considerations.

    Written by Chris Andrews20 Oct. 10 00:36
  • How social technologies can kickstart innovation

    The collaboration landscape is no longer about isolated groups of people that work together to complete a specific job. Today, enterprise collaboration extends more broadly across the organization, encouraging partnerships across teams that might not have previously worked together. What's the reason behind this shift?

    Written by Rob Koplowitz17 Sept. 10 02:32
  • Google Voice: 5 Truths Behind the Hype

    Google made a news splash when it introduced a new VoIP functionality to Gmail yesterday. Gmail users based in the United States can now dial other Gmail users and accept calls from them right from their computer-a seemingly cool feature and thrifty alternative to placing long-distance calls (international rates start at 2 cents per minute).

    Written by Kristin Burnham27 Aug. 10 06:46
  • LinkedIn Tip: Your Guide to the New 'Groups' Features

    LinkedIn announced today a bundle of updates to its Groups pages-the section of the social networking site dedicated to communities of professionals based on common interests, experiences, affiliations and goals. This update, rolling to users out throughout this week, is the first major facelift for LinkedIn since Groups launched in August 2009.

    Written by Kristin Burnham23 June 10 04:38
Features about Technology Topics | Web 2.0
  • Six ways social media affected the enterprise in 2012

    Social media has changed more than the way companies market and promote themselves. Social networking has also changed the way companies recruit, how they communicate internally and how they handle sensitive data.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff13 Dec. 12 22:45