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  • ​Optus sees 9% net profit growth in Q3

    The latest Optus performance results released today reveal a 9 per cent increase net profit during the last quarter, including a 5 per cent EBITDA increase and 6 per cent growth in operating revenue.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner12 Feb. 16 11:28
  • How diversity created a true transformational CIO

    What stints at Telstra, Optus and AAPT - with experience ranging from property management, customer experience, IT facilities and business transformation - has taught PwC’s tech chief, Hilda Clune, about business transformation.

    Written by Byron Connolly24 Aug. 15 15:18
  • Telco complaints at eight-year lows

    Customer complaints about telecommunications companies have reached an eight-year low, particularly in mobile services, according to new figures from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner18 March 15 09:24
  • Telstra to stay on course with new CEO

    Andrew Penn said to expect business as usual when he takes the reins of Telstra from departing CEO David Thodey on 1 May.

    Written by Adam Bender20 Feb. 15 11:38
  • Data retention is necessary red tape: Turnbull

    Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he's aware of the costs a mandatory detention scheme will place on the telecom industry.

    Written by Adam Bender31 Oct. 14 10:28
  • Former Telstra official slams Labor's NBN

    “NBN Co was not fit for purpose,” according to the Coalition government’s latest report on the National Broadband Network.

    Written by Adam Bender05 Aug. 14 11:00
  • Telstra wants to work with (and like) startups

    Telstra believes working with startups is a “strategic necessity” if it wants to survive increasing competition from over-the-top players and other rivals, according to Telstra CIO Patrick Eltridge.

    Written by Adam Bender18 Oct. 13 15:18
  • Construction woes slowed the NBN: Conroy

    Labor’s construction model for the NBN “could be legitimately criticised”, according to former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

    Written by Adam Bender11 Oct. 13 15:23
  • Dodo adapts to market with business intelligence

    Dodo has adjusted marketing and its range of energy and telecom services over the last three years based on insights learned from a business intelligence (BI) platform, according to M2 Telecommunications consumer director, Boris Rozenvasser.

    Written by Adam Bender13 Sept. 13 09:45
  • Union to meet with Telstra as telecom job cuts pile up

    The Communications Workers Union, the communications branch of the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU), plans to meet with Telstra on Tuesday to learn more about the telco’s restructuring plans and what they mean for industry jobs, according to CWU national assistant secretary Ken Hardisty.

    Written by Adam Bender23 May 13 11:33