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  • Enough with all the apps in my car! say drivers

    Industry research as well as a focus group revealed that people don't want more apps in their vehicle, but they want apps that are as intuitive and work as well as the ones on their smartphones.

    Written by Lucas Mearian06 June 14 05:50
  • Only 30% of top CEOs use social networks

    Only 30% of the CEOs at the top companies traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange are active on social media sites, gathering spots for millions of potential customers.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin06 Dec. 13 11:48
  • Tesla's Model S vulnerable to hackers, kind of

    It's the curse of the connected car – once it's linked to the Internet, it's, well, on the Internet. In the case of the Tesla Model S, this means that malicious hackers could, in theory, control some functions of the vehicle and even track it without the owner's knowledge.

    Written by Jon Gold27 Aug. 13 22:02