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  • OMG, Facebook’s new patent to detect Internet slang

    FB (Facebook) has totes embraced new lingo by being granted a patent to develop software that can detect Internet slang, commonly used on social media sites by youngins.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett09 March 16 10:48
  • How Lenovo uses text analytics for product quality and design

    Multiple online sites and call centres offer a rich source of data to extract insights on what customers want and need from your product and service. The problem is it’s unstructured, big and often messy. But that doesn’t mean it’s not manageable.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett02 Sept. 15 11:44
  • Online chat gives Optus sales a lift

    Optus has reported a "huge uplift" in sales conversions since introducing a predictive live chat feature to its website, said Optus head of online, Chris Smith.

    Written by Adam Bender21 Feb. 13 15:36