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  • Police across the globe crackdown on darknet marketplaces

    Black market websites may have faced a disruption last week. U.S. and Western law enforcement agencies attempted to crack down on users of these sites for trading illegal drugs and goods.

    Written by Michael Kan02 Nov. 16 11:32
  • Tor Project says it can quickly catch spying code

    The Tor Project is fortifying its software so that it can quickly detect if its network is tampered with for surveillance purposes, a top developer for the volunteer project wrote on Monday.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk22 March 16 13:47
  • Raids cast doubt on the integrity of TOR

    Federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe have shut down more than 400 Web sites using .onion addresses and made arrests of those who run them, which calls into question whether the anonymizing The Onion Router (Tor) network itself is still secure.

    Written by Tim Greene08 Nov. 14 09:17
  • People flock to anonymizing services after NSA snooping reports

    Companies offering anonymous Web browsing and communication services are seeing a huge increase in business since recent news leaks about the U.S. National Security Agency's mass data collection and surveillance activities.

    Written by Grant Gross10 Oct. 13 19:55
  • Rogue Google certificate used by 300,000 Iranian IPs

    Iranian internet users whose security may have been compromised by the forged digital certificate could number in the hundreds of thousands. An interim report (PDF) commissioned by DigiNotar, the certification authority (CA) at the centre of the hacking incident, also reveals lax security at the Dutch firm.

    Written by Stilgherrian06 Sept. 11 11:02