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  • Samsung adds payments to its smart TVs

    Samsung Electronics is stepping up its payments push with the launch of a payment service that lets users buy content on some of its newer smart TVs.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs05 Aug. 15 20:30
  • Sharp's new 4K televisions run Android TV

    With its entry into the market of 4K high definition television sets, Sharp Electronics has elected to use Google's Android TV operating system to run the higher-end models, bringing computer-like functionality to these devices.

    Written by Joab Jackson11 June 15 02:04
  • NHK tries to prime viewers for 8K with interactive features

    For those that don't already suffer from high-definition fatigue, Japanese public broadcaster NHK is developing interactive and mobile technologies to make the idea of 8K video -- the next resolution stage beyond 4K -- more appealing.

    Written by Tim Hornyak26 May 15 22:40
  • Sharp's latest 4K TV adds yellow subpixel for 8K resolution

    Electronics maker Sharp is launching what it believes is the next phase in high-definition TVs with a 4K screen that can display imagery at 8K resolution, seen as the display standard to follow 4K.

    Written by Tim Hornyak21 May 15 21:06
Tutorials about TVs
  • Control your TV with your smartphone, tablet

    Using your smartphone or tablet to control your Tivo box is easy and offers a lot of flexibility in recording shows and channel surfing.

    Written by Nick Barber22 Jan. 13 18:49