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  • Twitter to simplify integration of 'tweets' into Web sites

    Twitter plans to launch a new platform that lets Web publishers display 'tweets' on their sites more broadly and easily than is possible today via the company's APIs (application programming interfaces).

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez16 March 10 07:04
  • Intel invests in social media incubator Betaworks

    Intel invested an undisclosed amount in social media incubator Betaworks to gain insight into real-time user behavior on social networks, the chip maker said on Thursday.

    Written by Agam Shah12 March 10 09:41
  • Celebrities caused 2009 Twitter crime wave

    Criminals started targeting Twitter in earnest during a key period in early 2009, and security company Barracuda Labs has worked out why. During the same few weeks a key list of a-list celebrities joined the site.

    Written by John E. Dunn12 March 10 01:48
  • Twitter to begin screening some links for phishing

    Twitter launched a new link-screening service on Tuesday aimed at preventing phishing and other malicious attacks against users of the popular microblogging service.

    Written by Owen Fletcher11 March 10 06:09
  • Twitter to Major Tom: NASA lets public tweet astronauts

    Ever wanted to ask an orbiting astronaut what it's really like up there? Is the food any good? Can you sleep well in zero-g? And, of course, is that urine recycler still acting up?

    Written by Jeff Bertolucci06 Feb. 10 12:08
  • Report: Google to make Gmail more social

    Google plans to tweak Gmail to make it easier for its users to post and share status updates, in an attempt to inject the Web mail service with social-networking capabilities popularized by Twitter and Facebook, according to The Wall Street Journal.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez09 Feb. 10 07:02
  • Twitter forces password reset to protect some accounts

    Twitter required some users to reset their passwords on Tuesday after discovering that their log-in information may have been harvested via security-compromised torrent Web sites, the company said.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez04 Feb. 10 05:48
  • Managing Your Reputation Online: 5 Essential Tools

    You must monitor what people are saying about you in order to keep your reputation online intact. These five free tools will help you stay up to date whenever you're mentioned.

    Written by Kristin Burnham29 Jan. 10 05:21
  • Twitter Trends goes local

    Australians will have to wait for the newly-hatched Twitter Local Trends feature - which went live overnight - to come down under.

    Written by Darren Pauli28 Jan. 10 08:19
  • Twitter now has 75M users; most asleep at the mouse

    The number of Twitter users has climbed to a lofty 75 million, but the growth rate of new users is slowing and a lot of current Twitterers are inactive, according to a study released today.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin27 Jan. 10 04:50