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  • Twitter: Your 'tweets' belong to you

    Twitter has modified the terms of service that govern the proper user of the microblogging and social-networking site to state unequivocally that messages posted belong to their authors and not to the company.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez14 Sept. 09 07:32
  • Researcher: Twitter fails to fix cross-site scripting bug

    A vulnerability in the popular microblogging Twitter service remains unfixed and can be used by criminals to hijack accounts or redirect users to malicious Web sites, a developer claimed today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer27 Aug. 09 06:55
  • Enterprise stuggles to harness Facebook, Twitter feedback

    Sales and marketing technology group, RightNow, has published a report on ‘rules of engagement’ for enterprises looking to integrate social media utilities such as Facebook and Twitter into their operations.

    Written by Daniel Bishton14 Aug. 09 08:00
  • Twitter to bolster tools with 'retweet' function

    Micro-blogging service Twitter says it is working on a new tool to help you "retweet." Retweeting is jargon for re-posting something posted (or tweeted) by another user. Retweeting typically gives credit to the original poster. In offering this feature Twitter is just playing catch-up to what 3rd party apps already do.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu15 Aug. 09 00:11
  • Twitter is 40% 'Pointless Babble.' Wait, that's it?

    In a new study conducted by Pear Analytics of San Antonio Texas, approximately 40% of posts on Twitter can be described as "pointless babble." According to SFGate's "The Tech Chronicles," the study sampled the Twitter stream every 30 minutes from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for 10 days.

    Written by Mike Keller14 Aug. 09 04:28
  • Twitter withstands second DDoS attack in a week

    Less than a week after Twitter was shuttered by a highly publicized distributed denial-of-service attack, the microblogging site was hit by hackers again late yesterday.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin13 Aug. 09 08:50
  • Students tweet telescope takeover

    Students from three Melbourne high schools have taken control of CSIRO’s famous Parkes telescope in NSW using the internet, posting their results on Twitter.

    Written by Georgina Swan12 Aug. 09 12:38
  • Tr.im closes, says Twitter partly to blame

    The tr.im link shortening service was shutdown by operator Nambu Network on Sunday after the company failed to find a buyer for the service.

    Written by Martyn Williams10 Aug. 09 11:40
  • Twitter continues to battle DDoS attack

    More than two days after experiencing a complete outage as a result of a distribute denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, Twitter and other social networking sites such as Facebook are still battling a surge in traffic related to the attack. Twitter has taken some steps to mitigate the spike in traffic and ensure that the site is not knocked offline again, but some of those steps are having an impact on third-party tools that link to Twitter through API's (application programming interface).

    Written by Tony Bradley10 Aug. 09 10:00
  • Facebook confirms DoS attack same day as Twitter

    Popular social-networking site Facebook was hit with a DoS (denial-of-service) attack Thursday, but the attack did not appear to be as severe as one that crippled Twitter the same day.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano07 Aug. 09 05:45
  • Twitter now blocking bad URLs, but imperfectly

    Hoping to deal with a growing problem, Twitter has quietly introduced a feature to prevent users from posting links to malicious Web sites. But security experts say that it can be easily circumvented.

    Written by Robert McMillan04 Aug. 09 05:23