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  • How UPS uses analytics to drive down costs (and no, it doesn't call it big data)

    <em>When you have an organization the size of UPS with 99,000 vehicles and 424,000 employees every single little bit of efficiency that can be squeezed out of daily operations translates into a big deal. UPS has been using analytics to do just that for a long time now, and keeps getting better and better at it.</em> Network World <em>Editor in Chief John Dix caught up with UPS Senior Director of Process Management Jack Levis for an update on their latest achievements.</em>

    Written by John Dix01 Dec. 14 23:05
  • Ready for the robot revolution?

    The days of drones filling the sky and robots roaming in our streets are not far removed from reality anymore, and scenes from movies like Star Wars, Minority Report and I, Robot will be common soon. Just consider some of the ways that robots have started to permeate our lives.

    Written by By Ahmed Banafa27 Aug. 14 22:45
  • Premier 100 IT Leader: Nick Costides

    At UPS, employees are encouraged to remain "constructively dissatisfied," which means they're always focused on continuous improvement and challenging themselves with a variety of assignments. So it's easy to see how Nick Costides, vice president of information services, could reinvent himself many times at the same company over 22 years -- with stints on three continents in IT, business and M&A roles.

    Written by Stacy Collett24 Feb. 14 15:58
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  • Digital SOS: How technology can save the USPS

    Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night can compare with the challenges currently facing the United States Postal Service. Email continues to have a crippling effect on the centuries-old agency: The volume of first-class mail, or stamped mail, plummeted by 2.8 billion pieces in 2013.

    Written by Cindy Waxer09 Dec. 14 02:45

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  • Understanding high-efficiency mode UPS return on investment

    Before buying new UPS hardware, today’s data centre operators need to know that the funds they’re investing will result in a quick and significant payback, one that can be improved further if their electrical utility provides energy-efficiency incentive programs for data centres. Find out: How a properly equipped high-efficiency mode UPS pays for itself in as little as two years, the environmental benefits of UPS, plus, the 8 capabilities to look for in high efficiency mode UPS.