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  • How UPS uses analytics to drive down costs (and no, it doesn't call it big data)

    <em>When you have an organization the size of UPS with 99,000 vehicles and 424,000 employees every single little bit of efficiency that can be squeezed out of daily operations translates into a big deal. UPS has been using analytics to do just that for a long time now, and keeps getting better and better at it.</em> Network World <em>Editor in Chief John Dix caught up with UPS Senior Director of Process Management Jack Levis for an update on their latest achievements.</em>

    Written by John Dix01 Dec. 14 23:05
  • Ready for the robot revolution?

    The days of drones filling the sky and robots roaming in our streets are not far removed from reality anymore, and scenes from movies like Star Wars, Minority Report and I, Robot will be common soon. Just consider some of the ways that robots have started to permeate our lives.

    Written by By Ahmed Banafa27 Aug. 14 22:45
  • Premier 100 IT Leader: Nick Costides

    At UPS, employees are encouraged to remain "constructively dissatisfied," which means they're always focused on continuous improvement and challenging themselves with a variety of assignments. So it's easy to see how Nick Costides, vice president of information services, could reinvent himself many times at the same company over 22 years -- with stints on three continents in IT, business and M&A roles.

    Written by Stacy Collett24 Feb. 14 15:58
  • 3D printing adds new dimension to business innovation

    3D printing may have an image problem. It's sometimes seen as a hobbyist pursuit -- a fun way to build knickknacks from your living room desktop -- but a growing number of companies are giving serious thought to the technology to help get new ideas off the ground.

    Written by Zach Miners29 Oct. 13 07:16
  • Start-up Netskope keeps watch on enterprise cloud usage

    Start-up Netskope comes out of stealth mode today in unveiling its security service intended to help enterprises monitor how employees are using cloud-based applications, such as, while also giving IT managers the ability to block data transfers or receive alerts.

    Written by Ellen Messmer03 Oct. 13 12:11
  • Komatsu tests Telstra Cloud in disaster simulation

    With a storage environment ripe for replacement and nearing the end of its lease, the CIO of Aussie earth moving giant, Komatsu, took the opportunity to step back and review the organisation’s IT infrastructure.

    Written by Chloe Herrick10 June 11 07:16
  • To boost data center efficiency, consider UPS consolidation

    In data center upgrade planning, backup power is often among the last considerations and the first budget item redlined. Many companies purchase an uninterruptible power system (UPS) only as they add equipment -- what we call a segmented approach. Before long, data center managers can find themselves with an inefficient power system that is difficult to maintain and daunting to improve, yet doing so can offer big returns.

    Written by Dave Story, enterprise power specialist, CDW19 April 11 02:40
  • TAFE Box Hill Institute takes the power back

    Faced with an aging server room and a directive to cut power costs, Melbourne’s TAFE Box Hill Institute IT manager, Chris Tayler, decided to look for a new solution.

    Written by Hamish Barwick08 Oct. 10 17:05
  • UPS invests $1 billion in technology to cut costs

    United Parcel Service (UPS) will make about US$1 billion in technology investments this year to improve the efficiency of its operations, with the goal of cutting billions more from its costs over the long term, company executives said Tuesday.

    Written by Agam Shah26 March 10 05:58
  • How UPS is scanning and printing its way to savings

    At first glance, UPS's warehouse workers might be mistaken for gun-toting cyborgs out of a dystopian movie. But a closer look at the stainless steel devices wrapped around employees' forearms reveal a hi-tech contraption that scans barcodes and shoots bright magenta ink--not laser beams.

    Written by Cindy Waxer29 July 09 04:59