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  • ​5 lessons in reducing IT complexity

    There are as many ways of generating complexity as there are companies, and CIOs must have courage if they’re to succeed against it.

    Written by Howard Baldwin13 Nov. 15 08:27
  • The BadUSB exploit is deadly, but few may be hit

    Nine years ago, I created what I believe was the world's first USB worm. By playing around with a USB thumb drive and placing a hidden file on it, I was able to make any computer in which the "infected" USB drive was plugged into automatically spread the file to the host computer, then back again when a new USB device was plugged in.

    Written by Roger A. Grimes09 Oct. 14 21:15
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  • More employees neglecting data security, survey says

    More employees are ignoring data security policies and engaging in activities that could put a company at risk, according to a survey released by Ponemon Institute on Wednesday.

    Written by Agam Shah11 June 09 08:38