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  • Exclusive: Monash Uni taps self-service IT platform

    ​Monash University is “taking the next step in its digital transformation journey,” adopting a self-service IT platform that’s changing how students, academics and administration staff work around their IT challenges and interact with technology.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien03 May 17 15:55
  • Where are technology skills heading in 2016?

    Next year will see increased demand for user experience, data science and cyber security skills, with non-traditional forms of education gaining traction in the market, according to analysts.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett21 Dec. 15 15:55
  • Gartner says 38% of spend already outside of IT

    CIOs need to embrace technology startups inside their organisations as demand and control shifts away from IT and toward digital business units closer to the customer.

    Written by Byron Connolly07 Oct. 14 15:31
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  • 10 UX best practices for ecommerce success

    Experts in user experience and ecommerce share their top tips for how to get consumers to enjoy, stay and buy on your website.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff22 Aug. 16 23:12
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  • 12 Ways to Improve the Healthcare User Experience

    Technology is a great way to engage patients in managing their health, but poor design--whether it's a bad interface or an app that doesn't meet patients' needs--often stands in the way. These 12 tips will help designers and developers improve the user experience for patients who want to improve their health.

    Written by Brian Eastwood08 April 13 13:25

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