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News about Vasco
  • Banks turn to smartphone tech to fight online fraud

    To ward off cyber-crooks trying to break into customers' accounts, banks are expanding their security efforts beyond desktops and onto iPhones and other mobile devices.

    Written by Ellen Messmer13 Feb. 14 18:26
  • Smartphones take center stage in two-factor authentication schemes

    We all know that relying on a simple user ID and password combination is fraught with peril. One alternative is to use one of the single sign-on solutions we reviewed last year, but there are less expensive options that could also be easier to install.

    Written by David Strom20 May 13 14:30
  • Vasco card reader gets bigger screen to combat social engineering

    By displaying more information on the screen of the new Digipass 870 card reader about transactions the device is used to secure, Vasco Data Security hopes to decrease the effectiveness of social engineering.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs05 March 13 18:40