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  • Not-for-profit - Part 3

    How are relations between not-for-profit with IT vendors?

    Written by Tim Mendham20 April 11 15:37
  • Tech Vendors Behaving Badly: Support Just Gets Worse

    I had a problem with the power steering on my old Toyota, so I took it to a mechanic, and he told me, "We'll try and fix it." "Excuse me, you'll try?" "Right, we'll try, but if we can't, we'll charge you anyway."

    Written by Bill Snyder07 Dec. 09 06:21
  • Customer-vendor alignment

    In my recent visits with CIOs and executives in the IT vendor community, I keep noticing how we're still "so close, yet so far away" from one another.

    Written by Michael Friedenberg29 July 09 03:35

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