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News about video chat
  • AOL revamps AIM with Facebook, Google chat apps

    AIM, AOL's seminal instant messenger app, just received a preview update to pull it out of obscurity and compete with other more popular chat apps like Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype and a slew of others that aggregate disparate clients and boast features like video and picture-sharing.

    Written by Brennon Slattery18 Nov. 11 04:32
  • Google TV to Launch in Europe

    Google TV isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. It will launch in Europe early next year despite a shaky start in the United States.

    Written by Christina DesMarais29 Aug. 11 01:15
Features about video chat
  • Video chatting for newbies

    Video chat is all the rage these days, thanks to new services such as Google+ Hangouts and Skype/Facebook integrated video chat. Video chatting is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends--seeing loved ones' faces on a computer screen is almost like actually being there.

    Written by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal07 Aug. 11 10:45