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News about Vidyo
  • CERN retires proprietary video conferencing system in favor of Vidyo

    Tim Smith has some of the best IT end users in the world: the physicists who do research at CERN, which runs the particle physics lab that is home to the Large Hadron Collider, because they need little instruction when it comes to new technology.

    Written by Tim Greene14 June 13 02:13
  • Vidyo telepresence will let more sites join in

    Videoconferencing underdog Vidyo says it will outshine and undercut its bigger rivals with VidyoPanorama, a high-definition telepresence system that eventually will be able to run on 20 screens in one location.

    Written by Stephen Lawson09 June 11 05:32
  • Vidyo to show off mobile-to-mobile videoconferencing at CES

    Vidyo will demonstrate today an Internet videoconference among six types of mobile devices made by multiple manufacturers in an effort to show how flexible its core VidyoConferencing platform can be for creating business meetings among personal devices.

    Written by Tim Greene07 Jan. 11 03:42
Features about Vidyo
  • WebRTC close to tipping point as Cisco, Microsoft announce products

    It was all the way back in the Spring of 2011 that Google released <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebRTC">WebRTC</a>, its nascent real-time, browser-based, HTML5-powered, no-plugin-required video chat project to the public. In the three and a half years since, the Internet Engineering Task Force and the W3C have been working together to try to formalize the standard, prepare the stable 1.0 release, and get it ready for prime time.

    Written by Matt Weinberger22 Nov. 14 01:07