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  • Petition asks Obama to legalize unlocking of mobile phones

    More than 85,000 people have signed a petition asking U.S. President Barack Obama to reverse a decision by the Library of Congress making the unlocking of mobile phones illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

    Written by Grant Gross20 Feb. 13 16:09
  • The non-Internet that never was but might be

    The Internet as we know it might never have happened if the Comite Consultatif International Telephonique et Telegraphique (CCITT) had not turned down the offer of TCP/IP from Vint Cerf and other Internet pioneers about 35 years ago.

    Written by Scott Bradner27 Nov. 12 15:40
  • Experts: Internet businesses should pay attention to ITU meeting

    An upcoming meeting of the U.N.'s International Telecommunication Union could have a huge impact on Internet businesses, and those businesses should help lobby to keep the organization from imposing new Internet regulations, a group of Internet advocates said Wednesday.

    Written by Grant Gross24 Oct. 12 20:47
  • Cerf: Streaming network crunch could be eliminated

    While Internet carriers may fret about Netflix, Hulu and other streaming media services saturating their bandwidth, Internet forefather Vint Cerf has a simple answer for this potential problem: Increase bandwidth exponentially.

    Written by Joab Jackson23 June 11 07:10
  • Cerf: Future of Internet doesn’t include an IPv7

    Vint Cerf takes his title of Chief Internet Evangelist for Google seriously, and is knee-deep in several projects to bring the next versions of the Internet into being. These projects include pushing for worldwide IPv6 adoption, but they don't include plans for an IPv7.

    Written by Julie Bort19 Feb. 11 04:44
  • Schmidt’s departure from Google “fortuitous”: Vint Cerf

    Renowned ‘father of the internet’, Vint Cerf, has lauded Eric Schmidt’s recent announcement to step down as Google’s chief executive as “fortuitous” timing that will speed up decision making at the search giant.

    Written by James Hutchinson24 Jan. 11 11:35