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  • True utility computing coming soon: Vic Winkler

    True utility computing – where virtual machines are moved between competing service providers without an organisation's knowledge – is coming soon, according to Vic Winkler, CTO at data security provider Covata.

    Written by Byron Connolly05 Aug. 14 09:34
  • University of Queensland to roll out shared server virtualisation

    The University of Queensland (UQ) will soon deploy centralised server virtualisation services for its faculties and institutes in a university-wide project aimed at cutting IT costs and streamlining application delivery to 40,000 students and 7000 staff.

    Written by Byron Connolly08 Aug. 13 11:18
  • Is converged infrastructure the future of the datacentre?

    If the term 'converged infrastructure' (also called integrated systems or unified computing) sounds like a mix of grid, Cloud, utility, on-demand and shared computing services, you're right. However, this complexity doesn't seem to bother customers, especially small and midsize enterprises. But will this trend continue?

    Written by Allen Bernard19 March 13 14:07
  • Oracle set to merge Java virtual machines

    Oracle's plan to merge the Sun HotSpot Java Virtual Machine with the JRockit JVM is still evolving, but a single JVM based on both technologies is expected in 18 months to two years, an Oracle official said during a Webcast this week.

    Written by Paul Krill19 Feb. 10 00:04
  • LANdesk widens view of company assets

    Nearly half of businesses have had kit stolen by employees, according to survey by LANdesk. Forty-four percent of employees admit to having taken kit or intellectual property when leaving a company - with mobile phones topping the list of the most half-inched items.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter08 Feb. 10 02:35
  • Step 2: Virtual Server Consolidation

    OK, you've virtualized as much as you can. Now what? Consolidating physical servers through virtualization doesn't address underlying complexities because it doesn't reduce the total number of servers you're managing. Here are three tips for taking it to the next level.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell30 Dec. 09 05:16