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  • 'Year of the virtual desktop' a flop so far

    More than halfway through what vendors and many analysts predicted would be the year virtual desktops would replace enormous numbers of the physical kind, sales of desktop virtualization products are growing at a rate "that looks about the same as in 2009," according to Ian Song, analyst for International Data Corp.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty30 July 10 01:56
  • Desktop Virtualization: Comparing Options Frustrates IT

    Virtual desktops-once the most rigid, least friendly way to put applications in front of end users-have become a hot topic by promising to deliver the security and easy maintenance that was always desktop virtualization's strength. The trouble: Desktop virtualization now comes in so many varieties that even vendors confuse terms referring to the flavors.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty04 May 10 04:55
  • Private clouds? A walk in the park

    With a jurisdiction that covers nearly 4 million hectares, Parks Victoria is the central authority in Victoria for the management of natural areas across the state. The information systems requirements at Parks Victoria were becoming increasingly demanding, and a recent implementation of a virtualised private cloud has set the stage for rapid growth.

    Written by Rodney Gedda07 April 10 07:10
  • Cloud, Virtualization: Wasting IT Resources

    Despite enhancements on both cloud and virtual computing products, major vendors aren't taking into account many of the ways even a technology designed to save IT resources can unintentionally waste them.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty01 March 10 06:20
  • Cloud, Virtualization Gurus: What Title Is Right?

    IT people with skills and experience in server virtualization, cloud computing or both have a far greater chance of getting and keeping jobs than most other IT people now, according to recruiters and analysts. But what do you call these gurus?

    Written by Kevin Fogarty27 Jan. 10 04:12
  • Analysis: Would you like a data center with that server?

    Faced with the continued commoditization of servers, IT vendors this year will try to differentiate their offerings by moving toward more highly integrated, unified compute platforms.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 Jan. 10 08:03
  • Five Lessons from a Data Center's Crisis of Capacity

    When the data centre neared its failure point, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory embarked on a project to revamp facilities without breaking the budget. Consider these practical lessons from the edge of failure.

    Written by Robert Lemos16 Oct. 09 02:31
  • CIO Briefing Wrap-up: Virtualisation - A Reality Check

    CIOs from a wide range of industries and government organisations gathered in Sydney and Canberra recently to examine best practices for avoiding common virtualisation headaches, as well as how to reap maximum efficiencies and cost-savings from virtualisation projects.

    Written by CIO Staff01 Sept. 09 12:44
  • Panel Discussion: Virtualisation -- A Reality Check

    A complete transcript of the panel discussion from the recent CIO Breakfast Briefing, Virtualisation -- A Reality Check, featuring Brian Ott, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Unisys internal IT organisation, Jean-Marc Annonier, Research Manager for IT Spending, IDC Australia and Matt Rodgers, Editor of CIO Australia.

    Written by CIO Staff01 Sept. 09 09:19
  • CIO's Virtualisation Breakfast Briefing: Slideshow

    The event examined best practices for avoiding common virtualisation headaches, as well as how CIOs can reap the maximum efficiencies and cost-savings from virtualisation technologies.

    Written by CIO Staff31 Aug. 09 14:38
  • Disaster-proof virtualisation on a dime: how I did it

    Most companies virtualize servers to save money, save space and act faster on IT requests from the business. Human-resources outsourcing service <a href="http://www.simplysullivans.com">The Sullivan Group</a> virtualized its servers partially because company executives were worried about hurricanes.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty21 Aug. 09 03:18