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  • Five ways to successfully manage dynamic storage infrastructures

    Don't look now, but the data center is transforming. Seeking greater efficiencies, enterprises of all sizes have steadily evolved from application-based silos to virtualized environments. Now this evolution is taking the next leap forward as innovative enterprises move toward next-generation cloud computing models that deliver IT as a service (ITaaS) -- via both internal and external cloud services.

    Written by Paul Turner, NetApp's GM of SANscreen BU11 Nov. 10 04:25
  • Oracle praised for switch on VMware RAC support

    Oracle has reportedly changed its position on support for its RAC (Real Application Clusters) software running in VMware virtualized environments, saying it will provide it under certain circumstances.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus11 Nov. 10 06:43
  • ACMA builds Xen-based private cloud

    The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has built a private cloud in three months, choosing Citrix’s XenServer virtualisation hypervisor over the incumbent VMware ESX.

    Written by Rodney Gedda10 Nov. 10 10:56
  • Practices for test and development Cloud projects

    The testing and development of new applications in the cloud becomes an ideal way to provide a business justification and to ensure the right fit between the applications, the IaaS solutions, and the right IT ops protections and processes.

    Written by James Staten10 Nov. 10 03:10
  • Oracle expands systems management suite

    In an effort to ease the complexity of system administration, Oracle has expanded its Enterprise Manager software to include servers, operating systems, networking gear and virtual environments, the company announced Tuesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson10 Nov. 10 07:21
  • The scary side of virtualization

    At the Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders conference in March, one CIO stood up to express his unease about the security of a virtual infrastructure that has subsumed more than half of his company's production servers. Two other IT executives chimed in with their own nagging worries.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell09 Nov. 10 02:47
  • Cisco bets state-of-the-art data center on UCS

    Cisco bet big on its UCS products for data centers – and now it's going "all in" with a massive, resilient and green data center built on that integrated blade architecture.

    Written by John Dix09 Nov. 10 02:06
  • Microsoft fills out Hyper-V cloud ecosystem

    Microsoft has partnered with six major hardware vendors to provide reference architectures that should help enterprises build private IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)-styled clouds, the company announced Monday.

    Written by Joab Jackson09 Nov. 10 04:03
  • Businesses still wary of cloud says survey

    British businesses are deeply sceptical about the need to adopt cloud computing technology even though nearly seven in 10 companies thought that it was going to be an important technology strand in the future.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter05 Nov. 10 01:07
  • SAP and NEC collaborate on cloud services

    SAP is working with NEC to make portions of SAP's enterprise resource planning applications available via NEC's cloud infrastructure, the two companies announced on Wednesday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs04 Nov. 10 21:47
  • OK Labs' virtualisation deployed in one billion devices

    National ICT Australia (NICTA) has reported that its Open Kernel Labs spin-off has notched up the billionth deployment of its virtualisation software on a mobile device.

    Written by Computerworld Staff04 Nov. 10 17:34
  • Centrelink to establish x86 server panel

    Statutory agency Centrelink will shortly appoint a panel of service providers to manage its x86 server environment as part of a two year server consolidation and virtualisation program.

    Written by Hamish Barwick04 Nov. 10 11:04
  • Iomart buys up rival to boost cloud offering

    Scottish-based hosting company Iomart has snapped up rival hosting company Titan in a move designed to bolster its expertise in the virtualisation space.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter04 Nov. 10 00:58
  • Microsoft taps virtualization to move apps to cloud

    Microsoft is looking to make it easier to move existing Windows Server applications to the company's Windows Azure cloud platform via virtual machine technology.

    Written by Paul Krill30 Oct. 10 09:44