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  • Gartner: 1 in 4 server workloads will be virtual by year-end

    Gartner says one out of every four server workloads will be in a virtual machine by the end of 2010, and that enterprises should attempt to double or triple the size of their virtualization deployments.

    Written by Jon Brodkin28 Sept. 10 04:10
  • Virtual machines need defragging too

    Weighing in on a seemingly perennial question asked by system administrators, IT analysts Osterman Research is recommending that virtual machines be defragmented just as often as physical drives.

    Written by Joab Jackson25 Sept. 10 02:06
  • Virtualization Management: 5 Tools That Matter Most

    Long ago, when servers still came one to a box, "sysadmins" spent all their time running from one machine to another, with boxes of tools and utilities designed to squeeze out every bit of performance and stability from physical servers.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty21 Sept. 10 08:42
  • Making the leap to virtual desktop infrastructure

    The utopian vision of a fluid and easily managed desktop infrastructure has floated around IT since the dawn of the desktop era. There have been many attempts at corralling the desktop hydra, but none have provided a universal solution. Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp, and a host of others have found markets, but the quest for desktop salvation continues.

    Written by Paul Venezia16 Sept. 10 20:12
  • VCE coalition signs up first Asian operator

    The Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition has signed up its first Asian operator customer -- Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) -- ten months after the partnership was created to offer packages of hardware and software for data centers, it said this week.

    Written by Sumner Lemon14 Sept. 10 16:54
  • New company offers virtualised datacentre on-the-fly

    A Spanish company claims to have developed a way for companies to improve the predictability of their disaster recovery plans and has brought the product to the UK.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter15 Sept. 10 03:52
  • Trusted Computing Group eyes cloud security framework

    The Trusted Computing Group Monday announced a working group aimed at publishing an open standards framework for cloud computing security that could serve as a blueprint for service providers, their customers and vendors building security products.

    Written by Ellen Messmer14 Sept. 10 00:32
  • NComputing outs enterprise-grade desktop virtualization unit

    Enterprises may now deploy up to 30 desktop computers using the power of only one server, as NComputing recently outed its L300 desktop virtualization unit made primarily for enterprise use, a company executive announced Wednesday.

    Written by John Mark V. Tuazon14 Sept. 10 02:44
  • Aruba Networks brings 'network virtualisation' to enterprise

    Citing the movement of office workers outside the office and the increasing use of personal wireless devices in the enterprise, executives from Aruba Networks remarked recently that they are determined to address enterprise wireless network needs, at a fraction of the usual cost.

    Written by John Mark V. Tuazon10 Sept. 10 03:31
  • Oracle bolsters former Sun Unix platform

    Oracle detailed on Wednesday upgrades to the Solaris Unix OS it inherited from Sun Microsystems, offering improvements in such areas as virtualization.

    Written by Paul Krill09 Sept. 10 10:27
  • Security vendor demonstrates insider attack on VMware ESX

    The VMware ESX hypervisor could let IT staff steal sensitive data by abusing administrative access, particularly if customers fail to implement role-based access controls, the security vendor BeyondTrust argued last week at VMworld.

    Written by Jon Brodkin09 Sept. 10 07:04
  • HP upgrades SANs, management software

    Hewlett-Packard today announced several product upgrades for its small and mid-sized customers, including a new version of its modular storage array with 10Gbit/sec. Ethernet ports.

    Written by Lucas Mearian09 Sept. 10 05:07