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  • Cisco, Citrix team on desktop virtualization package

    Hoping to ease a typically arduous deployment process, Citrix and Cisco Systems are jointly offering a package for running a large number of virtual desktops across an organization.

    Written by Joab Jackson08 Sept. 10 14:04
  • Layer 2 Datacenter Interconnect options

    For more than 20 years we have been using Layer 3 connectivity powered by dynamic routing protocols to route traffic between data centers, but adoption of <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/topics/virtualization.html">virtualization</a> and geo-clustering technologies is forcing us to re-examine our data center interconnect (DCI) models.

    Written by David Klebanov, Solutions Architect, Cisco, CCIE #1379104 Sept. 10 04:55
  • IBM code unfetters virtual workloads

    Some of the first fruits of a European Union-funded project led by IBM are making their way into the field of cloud computing, in the form of a virtual machine migration technology.

    Written by Joab Jackson04 Sept. 10 07:23
  • Suse Linux for VMware ships

    VMware and Novell announced on Wednesday general availability of Suse Linux Enterprise Server for VMware, geared for use in virtualized and cloud environments.

    Written by Paul Krill02 Sept. 10 08:58
  • Check Point bolsters VMware security

    Check Point's Security Gateway software is now available in a virtual edition that is compatible with VMware virtual environments.

    Written by Tim Greene02 Sept. 10 00:49
  • VMworld 2010: Virtualization, The Matrix, and the VMware/Microsoft rivalry

    VMware's VMworld has quickly become one of the most important business technology conferences of the year. Held at San Francisco's Moscone Center Monday through Thursday of this week, the conference had its share of highlights and interesting facts. Here are 10 things seen and heard at VMworld:

    Written by Jon Brodkin02 Sept. 10 07:12
  • Microsoft ad warns VMware customers about lock-In

    Microsoft is warning customers that signing long-term enterprise license agreements can chain them for years to the unpredictable, often self-serving development schedule of an IT vendor--which may not suit the customer's unique needs and priorities.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty01 Sept. 10 05:15
  • VMware aims to displace Windows with cloud-based desktop apps

    VMware is developing a new hosted service with the code name "Project Horizon" that will allow delivery of cloud-based desktop applications to any sort of user device, and perhaps further its goal of diminishing the importance of Microsoft's Windows operating system.

    Written by Jon Brodkin01 Sept. 10 03:32
  • Bluesocket unveils virtual Wi-Fi controller on VMware

    Bluesocket is offering its rebuilt enterprise Wi-Fi controller software on virtual machine platforms, the first one being VMware. The company will port the code for other hypervisor platforms in the future.

    Written by John Cox01 Sept. 10 05:51
  • Verizon uses VMware for enterprise cloud service

    Verizon Business is tapping into the popularity of VMware technology with a cloud computing service designed to let customers easily move workloads between their own infrastructure and Verizon's cloud.

    Written by Stephen Lawson01 Sept. 10 05:44
  • Microsoft flaunts customer dumping VMware

    Microsoft is still refusing to showcase Hyper-V at VMworld in protest of VMware rules that Microsoft believes are designed to limit competition, but that doesn't mean the Microsoft hype machine will abstain from anti-VMware marketing.

    Written by Jon Brodkin27 Aug. 10 09:00
  • HP acquires automation vendor Stratavia

    HP has acquired Stratavia, which makes <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/100307-stratavia-data-center-automation.html">database and application automation software</a>, for an undisclosed amount, the companies announced today.

    Written by Ann Bednarz27 Aug. 10 01:33