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  • USENIX: Unstable code can lead to security vulnerabilities

    As if tracking down bugs in a complex application isn't difficult enough, programmers now must worry about a newly emerging and potentially dangerous trap, one in which a program compiler simply eliminates chunks of code it doesn't understand, often without alerting the programmer of the missing functionality.

    Written by Joab Jackson20 June 14 06:45
  • Docker all geared up for the enterprise

    Docker 1.0 has officially arrived, giving organizations a proper chance to use the emerging cloud technology to create and run applications with even more agility.

    Written by Joab Jackson10 June 14 06:24
  • CIO Turns to Data Analytics to Hunt Down VDI Ghost

    A few years ago, Seattle Children's Hospital embraced virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in a big way. Not long after, an elusive "ghost in the machine" began causing major headaches for the IT organization, says CIO Wes Wright.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud30 May 14 05:53
  • Google Cloud previews Docker-based virtual machines

    Google is throwing its weight behind containers, an increasingly popular virtualization technology that can ease the process of spinning up applications in the cloud.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 May 14 06:27
  • Treasury to build mobile virtual desktops

    The Treasury is planning to build virtual desktops for mobile staff and make that standard across the organisation, said CIO Peter Alexander.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett21 May 14 09:57
  • Citrix brings desktop management to XenMobile

    Citrix Systems wants to manage desktops and mobile devices with the latest version of XenMobile, and is also working on making it easier for XenApp users to upgrade.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs07 May 14 03:13
  • Hornsby Council rolls out virtual desktops

    Hornsby Shire Council in northern Sydney is in the pilot phase of a rollout of virtual desktop infrastructure. The rollout, which is due to be completed by the end of June, will involve shifting the council's employees from Windows XP to virtual Windows 7 desktops delivered via Nutanix converged infrastructure.

    Written by Rohan Pearce02 May 14 09:52
  • VMware outlines 'vision' for unified mobile security and management

    VMware today put forward its "vision" for unifying the mobile security and management technology it acquired in its $1.5 billion acquisition of AirWatch earlier this year with its traditional line of virtualization software.

    Written by Ellen Messmer01 May 14 04:04
  • VMware extends Horizon beyond virtual desktop infrastructure

    VMware is about to release a new version of its Horizon VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) software that will allow administrators to manage VDI and non-VDI deployments in a unified manner, by using multiple VMware technologies.

    Written by Joab Jackson10 April 14 06:50
  • Amazon's WorkSpaces becomes generally available

    Amazon Web Services' hosted virtual desktops have become generally available, priced from US$35, but the company and its competitors have a lot of hurdles to overcome before this sort of technology is widely used by businesses.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs26 March 14 17:22