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  • The Takeaway: Elop out as Nadella shakes up Microsoft's executive team

    Microsoft has reshuffled its executive ranks, getting rid of former Nokia chief Stephen Elop and handing more responsibilities to Windows head Terry Myerson. The company also cut back on the number of major engineering divisions it has, moving from four to three.

    Written by Ken Mingis18 June 15 23:38
  • Apple Pay heads across the Pond

    Apple Pay will launch in the U.K. in July, where it will initially work at 250,000 retail locations and the London transit system -- with credit card support from eight major banks, Apple announced Monday.

    Written by Matt Hamblen09 June 15 06:08
  • Apple, Google and others look to goose mobile payments

    Because of slack buyer interest and other obstacles facing mobile payments in the U.S., Apple and other companies must inject new features and inducements to boost adoption.

    Written by Matt Hamblen06 June 15 06:07
  • Apple may have a 2-in-1 in the works

    Is Apple planning some variation of a 2-in-1 device that would combine the iPad with a detachable keyboard?

    Written by Matt Hamblen02 June 15 23:56
  • Microsoft open-sources JavaScript tools

    Continuing its overtures toward open source, Microsoft is unveiling technologies for packaging applications and remotely debugging JavaScript.

    Written by Paul Krill02 May 15 00:06
  • T-Mobile's new Data Stash plan doesn't let workers share data

    T-Mobile today unveiled a monthly data rollover plan for consumers and business customers called "Data Stash," but the plan still won't allow workers to share their data with others in a work group.

    Written by Matt Hamblen17 Dec. 14 08:41
  • Computer scientists say meme research doesn't threaten free speech

    In a letter to lawmakers Tuesday, five of the nation's top computing research organizations defended a research grant to study how information goes viral. The groups were responding to claims that the government-funded effort could help create a 1984-type surveillance state.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau06 Nov. 14 01:06
  • Safari, Chrome push to mask URLs

    Safari on OS X Yosemite will mask most of a URL in its top-of-window address bar, following in the footsteps of Safari on iOS, and beating Google's Chrome, which is experimenting with the same design, to the desktop.

    Written by Gregg Keizer06 June 14 20:56