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  • Apple’s NFC iPhone ‘tipping point’ for mobile payments

    Apple has finally added near field communications (NFC) capabilities with its latest iPhone 6, which is likely to be a tipping point for increased uptake of mobile payment technology, says Telsyte analyst Rodney Gedda.

    Written by Byron Connolly10 Sept. 14 10:27
  • Tech Industry Subscribes to New Revenue Model

    All signs point to a bright future for subscriptions. The Internet of Things and wearables mega trends promise to open the floodgates to subscription opportunities. For a case in point, Apple just bought Beats for $3 billion, not so much for the popular Beats headphones, but rather for subscription-based streaming music service.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige06 June 14 03:59
  • An Internet of Things prediction for 2025 - with caveats

    A massive survey by the Pew Research Center about the Internet of Things in 2025 is very optimistic about the future of the technology. But even though the report seemingly tramples on IoT skeptics, its responses are filled with questions, doubts and caveats.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau16 May 14 00:00
  • Google Glass to get a workout from Dutch firefighters

    Can Google Glass help first responders work more effectively? Firefighters in Amsterdam want to find out, and plan to try out the wearable-of-the-moment in training scenarios and at accident scenes.

    Written by Loek Essers18 April 14 00:06
  • In Pictures: The wearables of Mobile World Congress.

    MWC stands for 'more wearables coming'.Wearable tech was big at CES, and now the mania continues at Mobile World Congress. This week’s line-up in Barcelona has included plenty of weird-looking things to put on your head - but we ignored all the headgear to focus on stuff normal people might want to actually wear.

    Written by Susie Ochs03 March 14 11:03
  • Where is mobility heading in 2014?

    The mobile device as the controller of other devices, Agile app development, the rise of the chief mobility officer and telco network sharing is where mobility is heading next year, according to analysts.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett27 Dec. 13 09:00
  • How the 'modern man' will wear technology

    Forrester takes a page from da Vinci to paint an image of what the modern man will don in terms of wearable technology.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige11 Dec. 13 19:01
  • Where is wearable technology heading in 2014?

    Analysts have predicted more affordable wearables will enter the market next year, but it may be a few years before wearable technology makes its mark on the enterprise.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett11 Dec. 13 09:00